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Discover the Transformative Power of Whales and Sound



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Whale Wise Productions is an artistic endeavor that merges the enchanting realm of whales with the healing potential of sound therapy, and cultural stories. Our passion lies in creating immersive films that capture the awe-inspiring beauty and enchanting behaviors of whales in their natural habitat. Through our lens, we invite you to witness their grace, intelligence, and unparalleled presence.

Driven by a deep connection to these majestic beings, we curate a transformative experience by pairing each frame of our films with a carefully crafted sound therapy track. These scientifically designed frequencies resonate with the mind, body, and soul, opening the door to relaxation, stress relief, and a profound sense of well-being.

Whale Wise Productions is also dedicated to collecting and sharing historic tales about whales through the lens of indigenous people throughout the Pacific Rim. "Legends Below the Sea" is meant to connect all people through all time, as whales remain the oldest living beings on the planet.

At Whale Wise Productions, we believe in the power of preservation and coexistence. We aim to honor and protect the oceans and the magnificent creatures that inhabit them. By documenting and sharing the wonder of whales, we raise awareness about their importance in the ecosystem and inspire a collective responsibility to conserve and cherish our marine environment.


At Whale Wise Productions, our vision is to create a world where the beauty and wisdom of whales and indigenous cultures come together to weave a global tapestry of wonder, healing, and love. We envision a harmonious connection between humans, whales, and the mysteries of the deep, fostering personal transformation and a profound sense of well-being that offers healing to both people and ocean environments. Through our films and sound therapy incorporation, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world, encouraging a shared responsibility for preserving and protecting our planet's marine ecosystems.

Whale Wise Productions Hawaii


Our mission is to create access to the awe, wonder, and magnificence of humpback whales to as many people as possible through our parallel projects. We aim to bring the whales into the hearts of countless individuals by collecting valuable footage and indigenous stories about whales from throughout the Pacific Rim. By sharing these legends, which are integral to the cultural history of the First Nations people, we intend to foster a deeper connection between humanity and these majestic creatures. Alongside the legends, the stunning imagery of whales in their natural habitat, we will create sound healing experiences using whale songs, music, and specific frequencies to promote a sense of well-being. We believe that by exposing people to the joy and beauty of whales, not only do we create a healing environment but also inspire a love for them, which in turn, motivates efforts to protect them and our natural resources.



Whales hold a special place in our hearts. Our founder, Jenn Wakefield, has dedicated her life to connecting with these majestic creatures and experiencing the profound healing they offer. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share in this connection, regardless of geographical barriers or limited access. Our passion is to respectfully unite the cultural stories of whales and integrate the therapeutic qualities of whale encounters with the power of sound therapy, reaching countless lives to promote wellness and create a ripple effect of healing.

This is our "why" – to create a world where the beauty and wisdom of whales are accessible to all, fostering healing and a deep sense of connection with nature.

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